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ACLoadCalc for Windows

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Designed to make load calculating simple, this little program will provide cooling/heating load calculations for air-conditioning applications. Using Microsoft Windows technology, the simplicity of this load calculator allows for on the spot estimations of temperature conditions in any Australian Home or Office.

AC LOADCALC has been designed to run quickly and easily on and laptop or desktop computer. Just enter all the information as prompted by the program and the results will appear in the blink of an eye. Compare the price and features of this Australian designed and tested load calculator with others on the market - you'll be amazed!!!

ACLoadCalc Example
ACLoadCalc Example
  • Choose desired room conditions, building construction, and area conditions from a simple drop down list.
  • Choose Australian conditions from all states, including surrounding Islands.
  • Enter shading conditions, outside air factors, and contributing heat sources such as computers, people and lights.
  • Calculate load totals based on AS1668 standards in reference to entering air and usage of lights.

Outlines Contributing load totals:

  • through the floor, ceiling, walls and windows
  • from the number of people, electrical equipment and infiltrating air.
ACLoadCalc Example
ACLoadCalc Example


    • Grand Total Heating
    • Total Heating
    • Total Sensible Heating
    • Total Latent Heating
    • Supply Air Quantity
    • Return Air Quantity
    • And more...

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/ Vista/ Windows 7/ 2008
  • CPU: Pentium 200 MHz or above
  • Memory: 32MB
  • CD-ROM Drive: 4x speed or faster
  • Display: 800x600 pixels or higher
ACLoadCalc Example
ACLoadCalc Example

Price: AU $120.00 (Including GST) for a single site license. This covers use by all employees registered under a single business entity.

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Download a DEMO of ACLoadCalc for Windows today! The DEMO has all of the features of the full retail version without the abilty to print reports or save data and it is time limited.

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