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AC LOADCALC - Cooling and Heating load calculation at the PALM of your hand.

ACLoadCalc Example

Designed to make load calculating simple, this little program will provide cooling/heating load calculations for air-conditioning applications. Using PALM Pilot technology, the mobility of this load calculator allows for on the spot estimations of temperature conditions in any Australian Home or Office.

AC LOADCALC has been designed to run on virtually all PALM Pilot series. Just enter all the information as prompted by the program and the results will appear in the PALM of your hand. Buy the whole unit and program or, if you have a PALM Pilot already, buy just the program itself for an extremely low price!!


  • Grand Total Heating
  • Total Heating
  • Total Sensible Heating
  • Total Latent Heating
  • Supply Air Quantity
  • Return Air Quantity
  • and more...
ACLoadCalc Example
ACLoadCalc Example

Price: AU $50.00 (Including GST & Postage and Packaging) for a single Palm license. NB: This price is for the ACLoadCalc for Palm software only. Palm devices can be purchased seperately. TO ORDER email: Info@ctrl-alt-del.com.au